Boomrang™ Firmware

Firmware Updates

There are two firmware releases for the Boomrang™ speaker, to tell which version you have switch the Boomrang™ on and once switched on hold the M button, if it changes to mode then it's 'Version-A' enabled, if it makes a 'beep' sound then it's 'Version-B' enabled.

What is the difference between Version-A and Version-B?

All Boomrang™ devices sold before November 2018 are preinstalled with 'Version-A', all devices purchased in November 2018 and onwards are prebuilt with 'Version-B'.

Version-A firmware is primarily targeted towards users of the Boomrang™ who use it for TV, movies, gaming and for voice communication. There are improvements in the Version-A firmware when it comes to latency. 

The Version-B firmware is mainly focused towards users who use the Boomrang™ for audio streaming as you can pair two Boomrang™ devices together to allow them to stream from the same Bluetooth device.

How do I reinstall the Boomrang™ Firmware?

Under no circumstances please do NOT rename the files as the installation with not complete.

Step 1) Download the .bfu file provided below in the downloads section.

Step 2) Format a Micro-SD Card (max 32gb) with the FAT32 format.

Step 3) Safely eject the Micro-SD card from the computer, with the Boomrang™ off please insert it into the Micro-SD slot.

Step 4) Turn the Boomrang™ to the on position, you should hear 5 beeps within 5 seconds, please wait 5 seconds before you switch the Boomrang™ off. Once switched on please eject the SD Card and turn it back on, and check what Firmware it has by following the instructions above.


Version-A .BFU File

Version-B .BFU File